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Calorie Blocker 2in1

Calorie Blocker 2in1

"Blocks calories from fats and carbohydrates!"

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Double power

  • Medical product for weight loss
  • Reduces calorie intake
  • Also for overweight & obesity

Imagine you could treat yourself to your favorite dish, but consume fewer calories. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too! But our Calorie blocker 2in1 not only convinced us and others that it's possible but was also well-received in medical studies. One tablet contains two natural active ingredients: OMTEC XS® helps to reduce calorie intake from carbohydrates and sugar, while Omtec 50® helps reduce calorie intake from fatty foods. The result: Your body absorbs fewer calories. And that makes weight loss easier! You can even occasionally give into temptation with a pizza or other small "sins."

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Available! Delivered in 2-5 days.
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How it works

  • How 2in1 works:

    The name 2 in 1 comes from the fact that our calorie blocker inhibits two sources of calories. Carbohydrates AND fats now have something to fear!

    The two active ingredients come from mushrooms and kidney beans. Unfortunately, just eating kidney beans and mushrooms won't help you lose weight. That's because the essential extract must be highly dosed to work. With two tablets of our calorie blocker, you take the optimal dosage per meal.

  • How exactly?

    When you eat something, your food is broken down in the intestines. Carbohydrates are processed into individual sugar molecules. Fats are processed so that they can optimally enter your bloodstream through the intestinal wall.

    This is where the two active ingredients come in:
    Omtec XS® inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates. Your body can't use hem,
    thus you take in fewer calories. Omtec 50® removes fats from food and binds
    them in an insoluble form. That way, they are excreted undigested instead of
    entering your metabolic circulation.

  • BUT: The SHEKO Calorie Blocker 2in1 alone is not a miracle cure. Following a balanced, calorie-conscious diet is important. Healthy fats can be found in nuts, avocados, and fish, for example. Complex carbohydrates are in oatmeal, rice, and potatoes Just right to reduce your cravings.



We have thought of everything:

🌱 Vegan
🌾 Gluten free
🥛 Lactose free

That's in it
Omtec 50®, Omtec XS®, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate.


  • Recommended dosage:

    Take two tablets three times a day - one hour before your meal - with a glass of water (250 ml).

    Before bedtime, we also recommend taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement. The reason for this is that calorie blocker 2in1 reduces the concentration of certain vitamins and minerals that are absorbed by the body.

  • Note:

    Do not chew or bite the tablets. Do not use if the blister pack is damaged. Take for a maximum of 30 days at a time. After...

    Do not chew or bite the tablets. Do not use if the blister pack is damaged. Take for a maximum of 30 days at a time. After four days, treatment can be resumed. Keep out of reach of children.


    • Weight Loss Starter Box

      Get your diet off to a successful start with our Weight Loss Program and two shakes.

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    One tablet - two active ingredients.

    2in1 means you get two registered brand substances in one tablet. So now you have double the power to cut down on calories.

    Also effective for the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity.

    Vegan, gluten & lactose free
    Scientifically proven
    Reduces calorie intake from 2 sources
    Hand mit Kalorienblocker

    Indulgence without a guilty conscience

    Whether it's your favorite pizza or ice cream, sometimes you have to listen to your inner voice and treat yourself to something. It's natural and helps maintain a healthier diet in the long run. Our Calorie Blocker 2in1 helps you reach this goal.


    Does our calorie blocker 2in1 sound too good
    to be true? Click here to read the research and results.

    • Omtec 50®

      Helps reduce calorie intake from fatty foods.

    • Omtec XS®

      Helps reduce calorie intake from sugar and carbohydrates.

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    • vegan
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    Any questions?

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    For whom is the SHEKO Calorie Blocker 2in1 suited?

    Our calorie blocker is suitable for you if you want to get your calorie intake more under control and lose weight. The medical device is also suitable for the treatment and prevention of overweight and obesity. Please read the package leaflet for more information.

    Can I also use the SHEKO Calorie Blocker 2in1 together with SHEKO Shakes?

    The SHEKO Calorie Blocker 2in1 and our SHEKO Shakes offer different methods in helping you achieve a calorie deficit, which is always a good prerequisite for successful weight loss! Unfortunately, we are not allowed to make a concrete recommendation for a combination or simultaneous intake of the two products, as we do not yet have any official studies or further analyses.

    Therefore, you should consider which product best suits your lifestyle and goals to successfully achieve your feel-good

    Can I combine the diet products?

    Our diet helpers are there to support you in your goal of changing your eating habits in the long term and arriving at your ideal weight: all with more flexibility and less stress. Of course, they cannot replace a healthy lifestyle and should not be used to excess. We do not recommend taking all products together.

    Our fat burner is ideal if you want to reduce your body weight by increasing fat-burning or shaping your body.

    Our weight loss cure is the ideal start for those who want to feel full and satisfied during their diet.

    Our calorie blocker is appropriate for you if you want to better control your calorie intake and want support while losing weight.Thanks to its essential minerals and B vitamin complex, our sugar metabolism helps you enjoy a balanced sugar- and normal cholesterol level. For more energy all day long.


    Our tip: "Less is more" - we
    recommend choosing one diet helper according to your needs and not mixing them.
    This way, your body has time to adjust, and the diet helper can begin to work
    at its own pace. 

    You can also use the Weight Loss Program to jump-start your SHEKO Shakes diet. It helps supply
    you with vitamins, and minerals for a fuller feeling longer. Once you get the
    hang of it, you can continue, for example, with the fat burner to further boost
    your diet success.

    Are there any side effects?

    In the first days of internal use, some flatulence may occur. This is mainly due to the reduced digestion of carbohydrates. After a short time, however, this side effect disappears. If symptoms of food intolerance occur, stop taking the tablets and consult your edoctor or pharmacist.